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Shirley W. Mitchell is the Owner and Founder of the Sensational after 60® Syndicated Media Group - a Motivational, Inspirational and Educational Company located in Northern Alabama providing products and services related to Organizing and Conducting Educational Conferences, Classes, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Speeches and Training Courses in the fields of Aging, Seniors, Senior Lifestyles, Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Generational Women and Men's Issues, Faith, Passion and Purpose, and the Distribution of Materials including Multimedia Audio, Video, CD, DVD, Books, Newsletters, Journals, Magazines, Articles, Periodicals, Electronic Books, and other Written and Audio Publications. Ms. Mitchell and Sensational after 60® are managed and represented by Lighthouse Coastal Productions.

Sensational after 60® ~ Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9781603747479 by Shirley W. Mitchell, Author of the New Aging Boomer Series with Whitaker House ... If you find yourself dreading any more candles on your birthday cake, or that your ­career is nearing its end, your grandchildren are leaving home or maybe health challenges are affecting some of your closest relationships. Then don't worry! It's the aging thing-the dreaded "A" word. Take some tips from Book #2 in the Aging Boomer Series, Sensational after 60 and Shirley Mitchell. Teaching people how to live sensational lives after 60 is her passion. She's succeeded at it, and so can you! Shirley addresses a host of important issues, from medical concerns to coping with the loss of a spouse. Learn how to embrace challenges like... Grandparenting, Nutrition and health choices, Unexpected opportunities and challenges, The end of a marriage and Finances. Most of all, you will learn that your future is immeasurably bright. Your best years may still be ahead of you!


"Be yourself with courage and compassion. Be good to yourself. Put on a happy face. Follow your dream! Work hard and succeed. God's desire is for you to bloom into that beautiful person that you know is inside you. Get a mental picture of that extraordinary person you know you are, and push yourself to become that person"... SWM

Sensational After 60~Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9781603747479 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House

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"Boomer Women are a fountain of effervescent wisdom. We shape and change the future because we Dare to Dream. We have an exciting and vibrant life from here to eternity. The teachings of experience are Within our Soul and the Passions of Our Reflections. We are Devoted to Being Woman, Relishing our Womanhood with a Positive Attitude. Embracing Life at the Golden 50 and Beyond is Living Victoriously in a Redefined Age"...

                                                                                                                                                                                 Shirley W. Mitchell

             Book #2
Aging Boomer Series

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Radiant after 70~Adding Sparkle and Spirit to Life - ISBN# 9781629113494 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House


Aging~Opportunity Or Ordeal © by Shirley W. Mitchell, Syndicated Columnist


Do you think Aging is an ordeal rather than an opportunity? Yes, aging is a time of transition. Transition is defined as a passage from one place to another; change. It's your choice how you spend your bonus decades. You are president of your life. With the wisdom of years of life experiences, life could be richer.


Here are the seven ways to enjoy the last half of life and consider it an opportunity.

First, let the child within you play. Yes, fun is fine. Give yourself permission to have fun. Look inside yourself and discover what makes you joyful, happy and hopeful. Each person has their own special ways to have fun. Laughter boosts the spirit and immune system. The legendary Minnie Pearl said, "Laughter is a drug and I'm totally addicted."

Hang out with people you like who take you to a higher place in life. Also, make time and space for yourself - a time for getting to know yourself, a time of meditation. Be like Mireille Guiliano, author of "French Women Don't Get Fat." Eat for pleasure. Eat the healthy foods. Eat several small meals a day and make a celebration. Delicious food, served in a beautiful atmosphere and shared with a good friend is divine.

The only thing you are in complete control of is your attitude. A positive attitude will open many wonderful doors of adventure, opportunities and possibilities. A positive attitude makes you approachable, causing new friendships, work opportunties and play opportunities. High energy is a hot commodity for "Sensational after 60" people. How do you achieve a high energy level? Exercise your body, soul and spirit. Remember, love is the oil that takes the friction out of life.

And number seven is faith. Remember, Jesus is the life preserver that keeps us from drowning in the sea of aging.

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1.) Approaching Sensational

2.) What to Expect in the "60" Season

3.) Fiercely Feminine

4.) Passion + Persistence + Prevailing + Pizzazz

5.) My Diary: Turning 60

6.) Sensational Grandparenting

7.) Coping With Loss in Midlife

8.) Creating Your Space

9.) Joy Ride: Livin' Light, Physically and Mentally

10.) Menopause, Medications and More: Questions Women Ask Their Doctors

11.) Healthy by Choice, Not by Chance

12.) Rites of Passage

13.) Love, Liberty, Longevity

14.) Make Your Life a Michelangelo

"Traveling with companions toward sensational aging makes an adventure out of the inevitable, providing invaluable support, laughter, and friendship during the journey"... Shirley W. Mitchell

Sensational After 60~Loving Life All Over Again

­Known today as "The Golden Egg of Aging™" and "The Original Baby Boomer Promoter™", Shirley W. Mitchell is the owner of the "Fabulous after 50®", "Sensational after 60®", "Radiant after 70®" and "Aging Outside the Box®" syndicated media groups. She is the author of 18 books including "The Christian Writer's Desk Diary", "The Beauty of Being God's Woman™", "Spiritual Sparks for Busy Women™", "Fabulous after 50®~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow", "Sensational after 60®~Loving Life All Over Again" and "Radiant after 70~Adding Sparkle and Spirit To Life®", and the co-author of 5 books including "Love Notes for Mom", "Love Notes for Dad", "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life", "Love Like God~Embracing Unconditional Love" and "Women Will Save The World".

Shirley is the publisher of the syndicated "Fabulous after Fifty™" on-line column, a featured columnist for Senior Lifestyle Magazine, and a member of "The Lit Chicks Literary Writers Critique Group" of Sand Mountain Alabama. Ms. Mitchell has appeared on many local and national radio and TV shows, and has authored many articles that have appeared in Progress Magazine, Christian Life, Sonlite Gospel, The Messenger, The Shantyman, Mature Living, plus several other local and national publications.

Ms. Mitchell is the celebrity radio talk show host of the syndicated radio shows "Aging Outside the Box® Talk Radio With A Twist™" and "Aging Outside the Box® Christian Spiritual Sparks™".

Aging Outside the Box® ~ Talk Radio With A Twist" Syndicated Radio Show with Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, Shirley W. Mitchell, is a weekly Top-Rated one-hour LIVE Broadcast aired every Wednesday night at 6PM-CST. The Show features Special Guests and Important Topics like Aging, Baby Boomers, Seniors and Senior Lifestyles, Over 50, Women’s and Men's Issues, Health, Diet, Exercise, Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, Faith, Travel, Reference, Culinary and Literary, along with some of the most important Medical Information of today.­

Ms. Mitchell is managed and represented by Lighthouse Coastal Productions™ Syndicated Media Group™ and Lighthouse News Bureau™ - a Media, Marketing and Promotions Group, Producer of Radio and TV, and an Internet & Web Consultant. The Studio Office is located at 466 Sardis Cutoff Road Sardis City, AL.


                 Shirley W. Mitchell

Author, Writer, Columnist, Speaker &
     Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host


"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long" Psalm 25:5 NIV

"True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life" Proverbs 22:4 NLT

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Jun. 21, 2016... 5PM CST...  "Fitness, Health and Exercise" Adult Class Night Jacksonville Public Library 200 Pelham Road South Jacksonville, AL 36265 tel. 256-435-6332 Shirley W. Mitchell Speak & Author Signing
Jun. 25-30, 2016... 8am CST... UNITE 2016 ~ CBA 2016 International Christian Retail Show - Duke Energy Convention Center 525 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 Come see us at our Media Table - Live Interviews Daily
Oct. 7-8, 2016...  8am-6PM CST... 52nd Boaz Harvest Festival Downtown Main Street Boaz, AL 35957 Sponsored by Boaz Area Chamber Of Commerce - Beauty Pageant, Moon Pie Contest, Entertainment includes Sweet Tea Trio - Kate Falcon, Victoria Camp and Savannah Coker, Saturday at 1:30 PM. Contact: Peggie Haney, Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce 100 Bartlett Street Boaz, AL 35957 tel. 256-593-8154

Oct. 30, 2016... 1-5PM... The East Alabama Book Festival - Pebble Hill 101 S. Debardeleben Street Auburn, AL - Twenty-five booths with authors, publishers, non-profit literacy groups and others. This event is part of the celebration of Arts & Humanities Month by the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn and attendance is free and open to the public. Shirley W. Mitchell will attend and sign her books. For more info contact: Tina Tatum The Gnus Room 108 S. 8th Street Opelika, AL 36801 tel. 334-705-0484

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"Sensational after 60® will help you to turn Your Passions,  Your Hopes and Dreams into Reality... A Diverse Experience to address the total needs of Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Life Skills. To be a mentor, prayer partner, help turn dreams into goals, provide christian context, offer leadership, be an advocate and Inspire One's Journey to be Self-Sufficient. To help one become fully equipped for life and make Life's Purpose an Equal Success"... Shirley W. Mitchell

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ICRS International Christian Retail Show
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Growing Bolder ~ She Saw The Future

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Fabulous After 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow
Fabulous After 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN# 9781603747370 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House

Book #3 in the Aging Boomer Series - Radiant after 70®...

In the last, most thrilling quarter of life, join Shirley W. Mitchell in... Staying physically and mentally active, Blessing others with time-tested wisdom, Creating and fulfilling a bucket list, Recognizing and acting on symptoms of age-related health problems, and Choosing a positive, hopeful attitude. Embrace the positives of life and hold on to hope, which is not defined by outward circumstances. Be a light to others by living beautifully, even radiantly, after 70.

Book #1 in the Aging Boomer Series - Fabulous after 50 ®...

Shirley W. Mitchell is well known for her enthusiastic embrace of life in The Golden Years. Her fourth book, Fabulous After 50, received nationwide attention. Shirley is a dynamic role model for 'Baby Boomers Heading Into Their Second Half '..! In this age of living longer, many women forget about living better. The race to prolong life somehow stops the drive to add quality to that life. This doesn't have to be so, and here is dynamic proof of that daring defiance.

The Books that Started the

Boomer Journey ~

Fabulous after 50 & Sensational after 60

Have Evolved Into the Best Selling
          Aging Boomer Series
 with Whitaker House Publishers...

Check Out These Fine Books Co-Authored by Shirley W. Mitchell

The East Alabama Book Festival - Pebble Hill 101 S. Debardeleben Street Auburn, AL